Business Plan Questionnaire v1-1

Business Plan Questionnaire

Please complete all fields in BOLD CAPS. All information submitted is confidential.

Issued by Entrepreneurial Planning & Development Department. Rev. 1.1003 – February 10, 2021

Business Plan Questionnaire v. 1.012

General Information

All information submitted is confidential.


1. Do you want to expand an existing business?
2. Do you want to start a new business?
3. Do you know what type of business you are engaged in or would like to engage in?
4. Do you have a business name?
5. Do you have the necessary approvals, licenses & certificates from the relevant government agencies (Business License, Health, Town Planning, National Insurance, etc)?
6. Do you have a business location or know where your business will be located?
7. Have you identified items you need in order to establish or expand your business?
8. Do you have quotations, pro-forma invoices from suppliers showing the dollar value of all items?
9. Do you know who will manage your business and if the persons identified have any training or work experience in the business you engage in or will engage in?
10. Do you have sufficient collateral/security to cover the loan amount you need?
11. Do you know who you will sell your product or service to, who your competitors are, how you will price your product or service, how you will promote your business, and how your customers can purchase your product or service?