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Interested in applying for land or a building? You can now with BAIC. Click START HERE! and you can be one step closer to fulfilling your entrepreneurial dream.

*Please note applicants are responsible for Survey Fees. Issued by: Property Management Department.

Documentation Requirements

Please have prepared along while filling out this online application form. The list of the items are as followed:

Property Leasing Requirements

All Land Leases (monthly and annually) will comprise the following:

Please take into account that there is a file limit and file limit size on certain areas of the form. Please note that all information submitted is confidential.

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The form takes approximately 15-20 mins to complete, once required documents are available.

Yes, you can download the form HERE. Once filled out manually, you can send to

After you have filled the form out a “Thank You Page” will appear, along with a confirmation email.

No need to fill the form out again. You can email the item to with your name and confirmation ID and it will be added to your submission.