Senior Deputy General Manager

Senior Deputy General Manager

Ms. Debbie Mott-Strachan

Debbie Strachan is a Bahamian businesswoman par excellence. Debbie attended Queen’s College and Aquinas College in Nassau Bahamas and College of St. Benedict, Collegeville, Minnesota. She has worked in the private sector for over 30 years in administration sales and marketing and earned the designation, Qualified insurance and financial advisor. She has served as Singles Ministry Director at Bahamas Faith Ministries (BFM) from 1986-1998 under the director of the late Dr. Myles Munroe. As Singles Ministry Director, she coordinated singles seminars and international conferences relating to single adults. She produced a weekly radio call in show, “Single Living” in the early 90’s on More 94.9 and this was the impetus to begin Single Living Ministries.

From 1998 – 2000 Debbie served as president of International Association of Administrative Professional (Bahamas) Chapter (IAAP). Under her leadership her chapter received the Distinguish Chapter President Award for two (2) consecutive years. At an early age she was taught straw craft by her mother and was enthralled by the craft and became curious in the imports from the various Caribbean islands especially Jamaica and Haiti becoming curious as to why we were not producing at that level in The Bahamas. Debbie believes in quality production and excellent presentation and in 2004 She introduced her business, Depre Bahamas Ltd to the world and the opportunities have been abounding.

For her creativity she has won various Ministry of Tourism and BAIC awards and is a sought after consultant for the straw craft industry in The Bahamas. She has taught at Bahamas Technical & Vocational Institute (BTVI). She has also consulted with BAIC in instructing students in Grand Bahama as well as the family islands. She partnered with a private institution in 2013 – 2014 as an instructor and continues private consultations with industry partners and private citizens.

She has represented the Bahamian handicraft industry in Trinidad, Grand Cayman, the USA, Canada, Switzerland and France and her products are always well received.

In 2008 she had the distinction of becoming a business owner, in the U.S. Departure Lounge at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA). It is out of this experience she was able to expand her business to another area in New Providence.

Debbie is totally committed to assisting in the further development of Authentic Bahamian art and craft initiatives in the country and the promotion of Bahamian ownership and small business partnerships. She totally believes in teaching a man how to fish so that he may have continued sustenance. She is committed to the development of the authentic Bahamian Art and Craft industry and fully believes that when visitors come to our country they come to see Bahamians –They come to see – Who we are They come to see – How we live They come to see – What we eat They come to see.

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