Consultancy to Evaluate Training and Training Adjustments

The Government of The Bahamas has received financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments under the Revitalization of the Sponging Industry for the services of a Consultant who will work in partnership with project partners to determine the local sponge industry baselines.

The Consultant will be required to:

  • To assess the effectiveness of the project’s training workshops: 1)Value Chains, Higher Value Products, use of new technology, and improved processing; 2) Business Skills, including invoicing and basic bookkeeping; and 3) Sustainable Harvesting Techniques 4) Training the trainer
  • To assess sustainability of training
  • To assess the practicality of the training
  • To determine ways to improve the training design, with special focus on the content and delivery
  • To identify lessons learned and best practices that can be applied to improve on the design and implementation of similar training in the future

Duration: 2 months


  • Inception report: including a detailed description of the methodology, evaluation matrix, data collection tools, procedure, and work plan
  • Final Report including at minimum: Executive Summary; Context/Overview; Organization and project background; Evaluation Methodology; Findings and Analysis; Conclusions; and Recommendations


  • More than 5 years of experience conducting training evaluations or equivalent – Master’s Degree in related field preferred
  • Experience working with community based organizations
  • Experience using evaluation methods inclusive of data collection, e.g. interviews, surveys and focus groups
  • Experience with qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Excellent written and oral communication

The Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation now invites eligible consultants or consultancy firms to indicate their interest in providing these services. Interested candidates must provide proposals, along with information outlining qualification, experiences, competencies, and cost. Consultants will be selected in accordance with procedures set out in the Inter-American Development Bank: Policies for the Selection and Contracting of Consultants financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (GN-2350-7) and is open to all eligible consultants as defined in the policies.

How to Apply

Proposals must be delivered via direct mail or email at the address indicated below – until position is filled:

Bahamas Agriculture and Industrial Corporation

Attn: Human Resources

P.O. Box N-4940

Nassau, Bahamas


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