Friday July 22nd, 2015, RBDF Commodore Captain Tellis Bethel, met with BAIC General Manager and Officers from the Business Planning and Advisory Depart, which was geared toward exchanging ideas of mutual interest (generally) and more specifically, to discuss the feasibility and practicability of designing  a self-employment program for (RBDF) pre-retirees, as they transition from military service to post military life.

Discussions centered around:

  1. BAIC and RBDF creating a framework for making a smooth transition from Military to Civilian life, through self-employment and skills development.
  2. The two entities aim to partner in an on-going, long-term collaborative relationship.
  3. Participate in a joint brainstorming sessions, to explore possibilities, offerings and scope of the program.
  4. Set-up a Pilot Program
    1. Initial phase – brainstorming meeting and Tour of BAIC Facilities (including 2 Industrial Parks)
    2. Second phase – setup schedule/timeline, identify offerings, milestones, deliverables/outcomes
    3. Conduct training, engage in business support, coaching, write business plan, etc.
    4. Engage in on-going hand-holding sessions, individualized business support and coaching, internship, etc.


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