Executive Chairman of The Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation (BAIC) Hon. Dion Smith met with the Ambassador of Brazil H.E Carlos Eduardo Sette Camara Da Fonseca Costa to discuss educational and technical assistance for staff of BAIC and other interested Bahamians in the area of Agriculture and other Industrial sectors. Further, scholarships opportunities for persons to study at Universities in Brazil was tabled during the meeting as well. Also discussed, were issues such as the penetration of The Bahamas’ Agriculture output into the Brazilian market, and encouraging Bahamians to do business in Brazil. Chairman Smith expressed that BAIC because of its Quasi-Government structure, has the ability to maneuver through the bureaucratic process at a faster pace, than Government ministries and agencies for any interaction with the Brazilian government.


Mr. Alexandra Silveira, Brazilian Charge d’ Affaires highlighted the embassy’s interest in providing capacity building workshops to those in the agricultural sector, which is offered to all Caribbean countries as a part of an agreement with the region. He also mentioned the Family Farm Model that most Brazilian Farms are modeled after and the support that these farmers receive through government policy and public sector organizations like “EMBRAPA” a Brazilian Agriculture Research Centre.  Chairman Smith was grateful for the meeting and the information gathered from the Ambassador and the Charge D’ Affaires. He closed the meeting by informing them that a letter of interest will be written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in respect to travel on matters discussed in the area of technical, educational, industrial, and business investments for Bahamians.

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