On Monday October 16th 2017, Executive Chairman of BAIC Miriam Emmanuel along with Minister of National Security, and the RBDF Commodore opened a three day training seminar held at the BAIC’s Corporate Head Office and Training Centre. The program was hosted for Pre-Retirees of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF). The sessions were designed to give Pre-Retirees the tools necessary to enhance their knowledge and improve their business acumen, empowering them to be able to make a smooth transition from military to civilian life. The program also seeks to create a dynamic and successful cadre of individuals equipped to effectively function in the global arena.

Troy Sampson, General Manager of BAIC welcomed the participants and presented a brief synopsis on how the partnership came about between the two agencies. He noted that the Commodore upon discovering the various business and empowerment programs that BAIC offers, shared his idea of helping RBDF Pre-Retirees transition into civilian life.

Commodore Tellis Bethel in his remarks thanked the Chairman, General Manager & Staff of BAIC for enthusiastically designing the program to assist RBDF Marines. He also thanked some of his Senior Officers for spearheading the program, and ensuring officers participated. He also discussed developing a similar program in conjunction with BAIC geared towards creating young entrepreneurs from their Cadet program.

Executive Chairman Miriam Emmanuel in her remarks noted that in pursuing the mandate of the Corporation to develop SME’s, it was an honor for BAIC to facilitate this program. She considered the Corporation; privileged to be able to partner with the Commodore and the RBDF to cultivate a long-term relationship.
Minister of National Security Hon. Marvin Dames, began his remarks by articulating that this Administration was seeking to amend the laws and make provisions for those Officers who are relatively young and still have much to offer. He noted that even though they may have met the retirement requirements, talented Officers should be allowed to continue employment with the RBDF.

He said even though the Administration is seeking to do as such he stressed the importance of preparing to transition into retired life. He noted that the program fits well with BAIC’s mantra of Growing, Partnering and Empowering. He thanked the General Manager of BAIC and his team for welcoming without hesitation the idea of the program. The program he said would provide and outlet for many talented Senior Officers to redirect their efforts, which bodes well for economic development.

Prior to this seminar, an inaugural meeting was held between BAIC’s General Manager Troy Sampson, Assistant General Manager of Project Planning and Development Lester Stuart and RBDF Representatives to exchange ideas of mutual interest, and to discuss the feasibility and practicability of designing a self-employment program for the RBDF Pre-Retirees.
The main tenets of the program are:

1. BAIC and RBDF will build a framework for making a smooth transition from military to civilian life, through self-employment and skill development.
2. The two entities will become partners in an on-going, long-term collaborative relationship.
3. To participate in a joint planning sessions, to explore possibilities, offerings and scope of the program.
4. To set-up a Pilot Program and to conduct training; engage in business support, coaching, write business plans and engage in on-going coaching and internship.

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