BAIC’s Technology Workshop

with Kristie Powell – Tuesday, September 18, 2018 

“Businesses don’t have a choice of whether or not to DO social media their choice is how well they DO it”

Eric Qualman, “Socialnomics” 


As the Bahamas positions itself to become the “new silicon capital of the Caribbean and the island of Grand Bahama a tech hub, it is against this backdrop that BAIC realized the importance of commencing a tech workshop for small businesses.


As the government of the Bahamas embarks on a mission to establish particular islands in the archipelago as world renowned technology hubs, we at BAIC see the need to work with small businesses by directly assisting them with setting up themselves on the worldwide web as well as social media, so that people and other businesses will know that they exist and hopefully increase their business and marketing opportunities both home and abroad. There is no doubt that Small Businesses and their development have a major impact on the Bahamian economy, as has been shown empirically that they have the same effect around the world. That does not mean to say though that being a small business owner is not challenging because going into business, by its very nature, involves risk and risk-taking. Small businesses create jobs. Small businesses spark innovation and creativity by owners. And, the owners of these businesses come from varied backgrounds which are usually independently owned and operated with few employees. But, we know, that is where real job growth emanates.


As a small businesses owner, establishing a website for your business can assist you in:


  1. Increasing your business exposure and presence 
  2. Increasing your business credibility
  3. Building your business by leaps and bounds
  4. Overall, enhancing your business online presence
  5. Assisting you in building a strong relationship with your market and taking advantage of market opportunities as they present themselves
  6. It’s a very efficient and cost-effective vehicle in promoting your business
  7. You are seen as an authority in your industry as well as, a tool for sales generation. 
  8. It is a means by which you can learn a tremendous amount about the current market you serve or create opportunities for new markets and the marketing of your business’s goods or service.


Solutions Resource, an international company, indicates that having a website and online presence strategy allows you to market your business online. To avail yourselves of the opportunities above, BAIC is pleased and excited to have Ms. Kristie Powell CEO and Co-Founder of Coral, a software development start-up transforming the B2B market in the Caribbean. Ms. Powell is also Technical Advisor to the Government of The Bahamas in the Ministry of Finance and responsible for its digital transformation. Ms. Powell also serves on the board of the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC). She is a result driven technologists, strong in design, integration techniques, with experience in software design process, rapid prototyping, implementation, testing, and support. Before her endeavour, Ms. Powell was a Senior Technical Solutions Consultant at Google Inc in New York City. She joined Google in 2014 and was responsible for providing technical solutions to Google’s top partners in the advertising online arena. She began her career at Goldman Sachs in 2008 as an Analyst in the Technology Division, and spent her time developing technology infrastructure solutions for the firm. We at BAIC thought it best and indeed a privilege to have a well-trained young Bahamian female who worked at one of the most well-known and identified US companies in the name Google Inc., who is dynamic, possesses the technology expertise and skill set – as we say, “she knows her stuff”, bright, has very good interactive and interpersonal skills and if I should say so, warm and friendly, yet professional – facilitate this workshop to ensure that small business owners in the Bahamas obtain the information and hands-on direct assistance to enable them to increase their revenue and ultimately, profit earning potential.  As the Prime Minister encouraged Bahamian professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs at last year’s business summit in Grand Bahama to “Establish your businesses at home”, we encourage small businesses to open your businesses to the wider the Bahamas and indeed the world by joining us at the BAIC Tech Workshop and establishing your websites.


And so, we look forward to a great Technology Workshop next Tuesday, 18th September, 2018 here, at BAIC and we invite small business owners to call us at 396-3725 to reserve their seat.Thank you very much and have a good afternoon.

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