Traditionally, the “BahamArts Festival” was an event that primarily showcased Bahamian artists/artisans throughout The Commonwelath of The Bahamas with focus on their indigenous Bahamian-made products.

The first festival was held October 31st- November 2nd in 1997 under the theme “Silver Top, Sea Treasure”. It highlighted products from the Straw Industry as well as products made from our very own Marine Resources. All festivals thereafter have gone on to feature Junkanoo products, the boat building industry, ceramics, pottery, concrete products, doll and figurine makers, embroidery, crocheting and netting, marching bands, workshops, concerts, competitions and more.

This year’s 16th BahamArts Craft, Food, Music, Industry Festival under the theme “All Tings Bahamian” will be the greatest ever with a unique display of Arts, Crafts, Souvenirs, Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry, Packaged and Processed Foods, various Industries, culture performances, workshops, buyers meet, school tours, concerts and live remotes over a two day period, Friday November 1st – Sunday November 2nd.

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